I answered the question in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan the other day. My answer was shorted quite a bit, so I thought it might be a good idea to present my full answer here. (Thanks to Google translate.) Will Spotify be available in 2020? Well, I’m not that sure. Spotify is a great service and has in many ways changed the way I, and many others with me, are listening to music – but it's far from the perfect music service. Why? First of all, Spotify is to static. They must let the ...Read More

Finally someone from the film industry admits there's something wrong with DRM. Sony Pictures Television president John McMahon said a couple of days ago: DRM is one of the main reasons why people turn to file-sharing networks, instead of legal alternatives Great insight! I wonder how many are pissed off on this guy right now? Didn't expect this statement from a Studio, especially not from a company like Sony (which has a tradition of doing things their way and enforcing DRM on eh..everything). It kinda swept away the arguments for DRM. How can ...Read More

Take a look at these pictures: Hasselblads empty head office It's pictures of the abandoned head office of legendary camera maker Hasselblad in Sweden, taken by an Urban explorer that takes pictures of abandoned places. The caption to the images are in Swedish, some of them goes like this, freely translated: "The head office of Hasselblad is EMPTY! What happened? Did lighting strike? - Moores law struck The law was formulated by Gordon Moore in 1965. He did an observation: it was possible to do computer chips twice as powerful every 18th month, to the ...Read More

Why doesn't businesses learn from other businesses? The music industry could have looked at newspapers, the movie industry should look at what is happening to music (DRM, hello!?), of course magazine owners and book publishers have lots to learn from the previous once as well. The printed word is not "safe" from digitalization. Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized and it's pretty obvious who's up next. Book publishers – it's time to act. You have an amazing digital future ahead of you. Monetize it before some smart guy in ...Read More

I copied around 250 albums from a friend of mine some weeks ago. I just hooked up his USB-harddrive and copied the data to my laptop. During the latest months I have been thinking a lot about how increased storage capacity will change the landscape for private copying in the coming years. Everyone knows about Moores Law, but have you heard of Kryders Law? Scientific American interviewed Mark Kryder in 2005, an important person in the development of harddrive technology. He said: "Who would have predicted the success of hand-held digital ...Read More