This column was first published in the June edition of AGI (the largest magazine for the printers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland). It can be found in Swedish over at It's now 555 years since Johannes Gutenberg printed his first Bible in German Mainz, an event which may be seen as the beginning of the book's broad growth and increased penetration. Since then, the book has been a unique and unthreatened product. A symbol of everything that modern society is based on; education and knowledge. A democratic symbol. ...Read More

It's the day after. The day after an after party DJ gig and a very inspiring Media Evolution event with Chris Anderson and 13 prominent panelists. "I'm lying in my bed, watching my...." notes "..thinking it could be the two of us". In many respects all of those new ways of thinking and doing digital business is evolving now now now, right in front of us. Making us all contributers to contemporary theorizing. That's exiting. But to me Mr Anderson is the star with smart and beautiful ways of interpreting ...Read More

This post is a part of the blog race that is taking place prior to the Media Evolution event (featuring Chris Anderson) in Malmö on February 4.  I and my music label is the living proof that you can spread great art over the world and create a profit for musicians without having anything to start with. That it's possible to build a music label in the twenty-first century and be a part of, and drive, the music climate from down the tail. So how did we succeed? We gave much of it away for free. ...Read More

In 2003-2005 Myspace grew big among musicians that wanted channel to reach possible fans that was easy to set up and use. It almost completely destroyed the need of an offical website. Myspace provided space for music, tour dates etc that the official websites also had but more importantly it added some tools for direct communication and possibilities for users to connect across the platform. The success of Myspace powered the need for a close relationship between artists and fans. The official website appeared as obsolete and a testament of a ...Read More

As a music label manager I am constantly thinking of new ways to develop my company and increase the spreading of the music we're engaging in. As a small label that is existing because of the internet we've always been good at using all the powerful tools that has been made available to us at zero cost. We have always believed that the music is our best marketing tool. Therefore, we are keen to spread free music around us, and urge others to send it to their friends. Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V ...Read More