I wrote a guest post for Tech Dirt to put some focus on the "Music Club" in their experiment with trying their Ctw+Rtb theory on their own site. Read about the need of rephrasing your role as middleman in the music biz and why I from now on entitle myself a Creative Administrator (CA). Read More

I've spent two days at the Reboot conference in Copenhagen. I don't know if it's only me or if it's you as well. But to me some of the diverse talks I attended had one thing in common. They were proposing solutions to generate new/better ideas in an era when it's very hard to see the whole scope and constantly is getting a massive load of new information. Here are some mindsets that's a possible relief to your thinking on new ideas in the contemporary context. Macroscope When you try to understand ...Read More

I was asked to contribute to the blog relay prior to the Moving Images conference in Malmö next week. It's hosted by Media Mötesplats Malmö and has the smart title Re-solution. The theme for the blogs were set to "your business in 5 years". Alrighty. The future. This undefined scope of time with a divine shimmer around it. When it comes to the future of music I've always consider myself an optimist. For one I'm certain that musicians and music fans has a prosperous future ahead of them. That's because music is ...Read More

This post is a part of our series with songs that can be translated as good stories of - or advices/mindsets to the music business. This song is summarizing the period from 1920 to circa 1999 when record labels were the best/only entity to distribute recorded music. It's a kind of rise and fall story. The lyric is written by a label executive with good memory. He remembers a time when musicians where worried that music put on a record meant the end of their "career" — when music could be ...Read More

Sometimes we hear people argue that internet and especially file sharing kills music. If you can't make money on your art there will be no artists. They don't understand that the difference between art and the regular job, they're obviously comparing with, is that art is an urge that the artist can't live without expressing. General Johnson his group The Showmen made this very clear to us already in 1961 in their "It will stand" (Jonathan Richman has also made a brilliant recording): "You take some music music, sweet flowin music, ...Read More