This column was first published in the June edition of AGI (the largest magazine for the printers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland). It can be found in Swedish over at It's now 555 years since Johannes Gutenberg printed his first Bible in German Mainz, an event which may be seen as the beginning of the book's broad growth and increased penetration. Since then, the book has been a unique and unthreatened product. A symbol of everything that modern society is based on; education and knowledge. A democratic symbol. ...Read More

Harvard director Robert C. Darnton said in a statement to his librarians not to join Google and their book scanning project. Quotes: "As we understand it, the settlement contains too many potential limitations on access to and use of the books by members of the higher-education community and by patrons of public libraries" He continues: "the scope of access to the digitized books is in various ways both limited and uncertain" This is a discussion I look forward to. At Harvard they are concerned of how they can use scanned books by ...Read More

To continue the series of Book-related posts there's now news that Google will open an iTunes-for-books. According to Silicon Alley Insider Google will soon open a U.S only store to sell digital copies of out-of-print copyrighted books. Newer books could be available for sale if publishers allow Google to sell them. Libraries can appearantly access the books for free, while college students will be able to sign up for subscription-based access. Google has previously received a lot of critisism for scanning copyrighted books and making advertising revenue on the indexed content ...Read More

Flipping through the swedish Eco consumer magazine "Camino" I stumble upon an article that catch my eye. It's called Book 2.0. It's about books. It's about the digital threats/possiblities the book business will face. The exact same difficulties that the music and movie business have faced will soon face the book publishing business. Everyone interviewed in the article, publishers and such people, are certain of this. Still, they seem to be very calm about it. Although no solution is in sigh. The Amazon Kindle reading device is mentioned. When it's time to ...Read More

Why doesn't businesses learn from other businesses? The music industry could have looked at newspapers, the movie industry should look at what is happening to music (DRM, hello!?), of course magazine owners and book publishers have lots to learn from the previous once as well. The printed word is not "safe" from digitalization. Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized and it's pretty obvious who's up next. Book publishers – it's time to act. You have an amazing digital future ahead of you. Monetize it before some smart guy in ...Read More