On Thursday it's the Moving Images conference in Malmö including presentations by Rafi Haladjian, KG Hammar and Clay Shirkey. Last time it was conference with super stars as speakers in town What's Next and Digital Renaissance arranged a pre party. People came from all over the country to discussed internet AFK at a high level. So, on Wednesday (the day before) at 19 it's Meetup again. We changed the hotel bar to Rasoir this time. Nothing complicated, just to show up. Bring your friends. And don't forget to follow the blog ...Read More

I’m on my way to a seminar at Malmö University about “digital economies”. Scholars and practitioners will present their ideas and discuss this very broad topic. I’m looking forward to it. It seems that I always come up with the best ideas the same moment I talk. Here are my notes for my short presentation. Hope to develop the rather ugly equations to more beautiful words here soon. Read More

When we started this blog and sat down to discuss what we should do and how we should do it we, of course, soon began to talk about arranging seminars. The question was: What do we need to know to give the business advice on what to do in a digital distribution era? To answer the question we came up with the idea to begin with two seminars – one where we invite internet smart brains to dream about a future music service and, more importantly, argue for why the ...Read More

On thursday the 4th of April the Swedish Parliament held a hearing on “Copyright on the internet”. Three of the Digital Renaissance contributors were there to tell our views and give our perspective on the issue. There’s a proposal in the making from the Swedish government that copyright holders should be able to get information from ISPs about who’s behind an IP address that the parliament should decide on later this year. To learn more about the current situation in this field the parliament invited different business organizations, lawyers, customer ...Read More