The following three steps might be the most important ones, but probably less obvious, to take when you are an upcoming artist. When making music finishing a song might feel like the ultimate end. But if you don't have a music label or any other kind of administrative body that's taking care of planning how to shout your existence out, how to get gigs and all other activities surrounding your musical existence, it's important that you make some planing, listening and learning on your own. Finishing a song means you ...Read More

The most profound and spicy ingredient that is separating the current era of cooking music from the past is the power of immediate publishing. The power of completing a song, novel, blog post and by the next second be able to shout it out to the world. The satisfaction you get from completing an idea and get immediate response on it is unbeatable as fuel for further ideas. This direct super fast link between artists and its audience is a available to everybody and it's free – this is a ...Read More

Lately I've been approuched by some artists wanting me to give input on what they should do with their music. The musicians are in all cases very good and they've made my mind spin in inspiration. Wow this is what I want to do. It's like releasing music – but the adrenalin rush comes faster. As a music fan that can't play myself this is an extraordinary way to canalize an interest. If I can be at any little help and be able to inspire any new small ideas that's ...Read More