This column was first published in the June edition of AGI (the largest magazine for the printers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland). It can be found in Swedish over at It's now 555 years since Johannes Gutenberg printed his first Bible in German Mainz, an event which may be seen as the beginning of the book's broad growth and increased penetration. Since then, the book has been a unique and unthreatened product. A symbol of everything that modern society is based on; education and knowledge. A democratic symbol. ...Read More

I answered the question in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan the other day. My answer was shorted quite a bit, so I thought it might be a good idea to present my full answer here. (Thanks to Google translate.) Will Spotify be available in 2020? Well, I’m not that sure. Spotify is a great service and has in many ways changed the way I, and many others with me, are listening to music – but it's far from the perfect music service. Why? First of all, Spotify is to static. They must let the ...Read More

When the times are changing, a new approach is necessary. Here's our 10 best tips of how to reach success in the music industry in the future. 1. Forget about the past. We know, it's hard to accept, but the new music industry has nothing to do with the old record industry. Nothing is the same, everything will be different. The fans, the distribution, the promotion, the companies, the products, the retailers, the business models... et cetera. 2. Be positive and open minded. There's no need to be blue about the ...Read More