There need to be a Digital Renaissance. Renaissance is the french word for rebirth. It was a cultural movement that brought us out of the middle ages and into the future and then some with a vengeance 4.0 style. The world adjusted to this cultural movement. It is time for the world to start adjusting to the Digital Renaissance.

This blog is a part of that adjustment. We publish our thoughts and comments on the past, present and the future.

The people behind Digital Renaissance:

Martin J. Thörnkvist, music label owner, Songs I wish I had written, and music strategist
Mattias Lövkvist, music label owner, Hybris
Daniel Johansson, Researcher, Blekinge Institute of Technology, founder Trendmaze.
Peter Alvarsson, expert on the movie business and COO at Headweb


The Swedish Model – an organization of 7 Swedish indie labels

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