I’ve spent two days at the Reboot conference in Copenhagen. I don’t know if it’s only me or if it’s you as well. But to me some of the diverse talks I attended had one thing in common. They were proposing solutions to generate new/better ideas in an era when it’s very hard to see the whole scope and constantly is getting a massive load of new information. Here are some mindsets that’s a possible relief to your thinking on new ideas in the contemporary context.

When you try to understand the world today you recognise that either you’re to close to see the whole width and when you zoom out the whole becomes to thin to see. In that context Matt Webb talked about the need of a tool/mindset to see where we are and how we relate to everything else to be able to understand and respond to the reality. A Macroscope.

Lee Bryant talked about avoiding assimilation of the old. Not talking in the paradigm of the past and not accepting the absurdities from the 20th century as the norm. The previous century is a tiny part of the history that we need to un-frame by not asking for permission to participate in the old and instead create new stories for the future. By un-framing what you think is the norm you enable yourself to create new action.

New, old things
On a similar topic Tor Nørretranders in his talk touched on the ability of actually learn from history and (really old) initiatives. So learn but don’t adopt. Use history as inspiration to future ideas.

The reason for me finding this small pattern might be related to the fact that I explored something some weeks ago that was a relief for me thinking of new reasons for Moto Boy fans to end up paying for what his music does to them. I will write in more depth about it later on but the concept is quit simple:

The pricing model on all lips right now is Freemium. The concept of having a free part and charge for something that’s better or more scarce. Only problem is that it’s VERY hard to come up with something that’s better/premium than you’re core product. And in 2009 you don’t want to canabalize on the spreadability of your content, ie. doesn’t want to make a product that’s worse. So I started to think in terms of Freeningless. An idea of coming up with, if you look at them isolated, meaningless things to add to the core product.

Going forward I think that those tools/mindsets that help us understand the truth will be really important. We’ve always been in great need of them. Pablo Picasso once said that “art is the lie that helps us understand the truth”. Now we need tools that enable us to block obstacles and see the reality with clearer vision. Or in other words, use tools/thinking that lies to are brain in order to create a new actions.