I was asked to contribute to the blog relay prior to the Moving Images conference in Malmö next week. It's hosted by Media Mötesplats Malmö and has the smart title Re-solution. The theme for the blogs were set to "your business in 5 years". Alrighty. The future. This undefined scope of time with a divine shimmer around it. When it comes to the future of music I've always consider myself an optimist. For one I'm certain that musicians and music fans has a prosperous future ahead of them. That's because music is ...Read More

This post is a part of our series with songs that can be translated as good stories of - or advices/mindsets to the music business. This song is summarizing the period from 1920 to circa 1999 when record labels were the best/only entity to distribute recorded music. It's a kind of rise and fall story. The lyric is written by a label executive with good memory. He remembers a time when musicians where worried that music put on a record meant the end of their "career" — when music could be ...Read More