Sometimes we hear people argue that internet and especially file sharing kills music. If you can’t make money on your art there will be no artists. They don’t understand that the difference between art and the regular job, they’re obviously comparing with, is that art is an urge that the artist can’t live without expressing.

General Johnson his group The Showmen made this very clear to us already in 1961 in their “It will stand” (Jonathan Richman has also made a brilliant recording):

“You take some music music, sweet flowin music, a little movin and groovin’ and rock n roll will stand. You take heart beat stone beat, finger poppin and a stompin beat a little dance that looks so neat you see why it will stand”

Music is easy. Music is natural. Music is a necessity. Unfortunately some think there always have to be something more to it count.

“But folks don’t understand it and that’s why they don’t demand it they’re out tryin’ to ruin, but forgive them they know not what they’re doin”

Their argument for music is easy but sharp and stronger than nature itself:

“Allright, hear those guitars twangin’, sharper than lightnin’, hear those drums beat, louder than thunder”

The Snowmen know that whatever happens, music will forever stand:

“Don’t you misname it, in fact you might as well claim it, it’s swept this whole wide land, rock n roll, forever will stand”

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