Today we’re starting a series with songs that can be translated as good stories of - or advices/mindsets to the music business.

I heard the classic Warren G cover/remake of “What’s love got to do with it” the other day. It was better than I remembered and to my big surprise was a great testimony of a greedy music biz.

First he is setting the scene by telling us about his first meetings with the music business and how they started to care only when his music started to sell:

“There’s dollar signs in your eyes and a smile in your face. You wanna live fat, all for my sack. You got more drag than a low lo-do, cut the act, ‘Cause back before ‘92 and ‘93,
You didn’t give a damn about Warren G, but now that I’m slingin’ platinum LP’s, all of a sudden, you on my N.U.T’s. /…/ It’s all about the dough, so what’s love got to do with it?”

The amazing original chorus sung by Adina Howard repeat the “What’s love got to do with it?” line. Then in the second verse Warren continues to talk about how his label is trying to screw him and concludes with: “ain’t no love involved, because it’s all about the chips.”

Then in the third verse he is telling us the whole truth:

“Now for these labels tellin’ fables, makin’ the messed-up deals under the tables. You think that you smart, but, fool, I’m the smartest. You can’t make no money if you can’t keep an artist.”

Since this lyric was written loads of positive change has taken place. Musicians doesn’t have to go thru a label to release their art and when they do they usually already have a crowd, gained from Myspace etc, and therefore is able to make a better deal with a bigger slice of the cake. Also, initiative like the Featured Artist Coalition is for the first time interrupting and taking the artists side in negotiations between the musicians and record labels. Artists are clearly a winner of the last 13 years of internet development.

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