Sitting at Helsinki airport going thru my notes from the last couple of days. The Finnish music export organisation invited people from around the world to address the heart of the music business, the music, at it’s new conferance Is this it?

Usually it’s not that easy to interact with people you don’t already know at this kind of events. But Musex was smart enough to borrow the successful format developed at the Transmission conference in Canada. At its core it’s about talking to each other in the form of round table discussion. Fueled with a few well picked and exemplary short keynotes it worked really well. The objective was to, from these discussions, generate 100 new ideas on three topics - how to identify, develop and promote talent. In the coming week they will collect the outcomes in a white paper - smart.

If you can’t wait for that, I give you some quotes and ideas from my notes:

“ideas are born when somebody else understands them” = “it’s all about human connection” = “music is perfect for connecting people” (which we the labels need to facilitate and never hinder)

“manipulate internet by putting more up there”

“do a live streamed show ‘live for Brighton’ when you see that interest in an artist, on etc, rise there”

“be transparent, that’s how/why Idol, X-factor etc works”

“measure search to see what people demand”

“increase transactions and increase the value of the transactions”

“constantly send I’m alive messages, pings, to keep the connections with your fans alive” (my idea, will write about it more in depth some other day)

“get in for free, pay on your way out”

“create your own sync deal by dubbing a movie trailor with you own song and put it on youtube”

“provide a service rather than sell a service”

Also, Terry McBride did a great A&R session via satellite with a quite bad Finnish rock band. He is really good at making his ideas sound like the most natural and obvious of things to do. Luckily Andrew Dubber of New Music Strategies, and among other things lecturer at the forthcoming Social Media masters course at Birmingham City University, was Twittering like crazy so I doesn’t have to sum that up. But, three formulations that stuck in my mind was “you need to create social glue”, “the world is flat!” and “songs are not copyrights, they are emotions”.

Tyl van Toorn of Transmission concluded the event very well talking about that it’s more about getting new insights than new full feathered ideas. Couldn’t agree more. Insights from the outside create ideas on the inside. I myself wrote down an idea for building up the next Moto Boy release from something somebody said about somthing completely different.

So. Thank you Finland, thank you Sami and thank you Regina (who I met for dinner). I’m inspired.