Sometimes we hear people argue that internet and especially file sharing kills music. If you can't make money on your art there will be no artists. They don't understand that the difference between art and the regular job, they're obviously comparing with, is that art is an urge that the artist can't live without expressing. General Johnson his group The Showmen made this very clear to us already in 1961 in their "It will stand" (Jonathan Richman has also made a brilliant recording): "You take some music music, sweet flowin music, ...Read More

Today we're starting a series with songs that can be translated as good stories of - or advices/mindsets to the music business. I heard the classic Warren G cover/remake of "What's love got to do with it" the other day. It was better than I remembered and to my big surprise was a great testimony of a greedy music biz. First he is setting the scene by telling us about his first meetings with the music business and how they started to care only when his music started to sell: "There's dollar signs ...Read More

We have been addressing the need of a toplist of what people are listening to on the internet before. In April last year I wrote about the problem with CDs still being a way to value what's serious or not. I ended it by asking for better collected statistics of internet music listening: "I’m looking forward to an accurate internet chart that is transparent with what it’s measuring and what services is ranked the highest. The chart should be revised along with the rapid changes of the internet culture. Along with ...Read More

I was asked to write a comment on the Pirate Bay court case for the Swedish debate site Newsmill. Here is an English version: I come back to it all the time, but it bears repeating. You must adapt to reality. It is doomed to fail to slavishly follow a map with roads that no longer exists. Even worse is if you miss the news that a highway was built next to the old gravel road you are driving on. Or, as in the case of music, at any price ...Read More

Sitting at Helsinki airport going thru my notes from the last couple of days. The Finnish music export organisation invited people from around the world to address the heart of the music business, the music, at it's new conferance Is this it? Usually it's not that easy to interact with people you don't already know at this kind of events. But Musex was smart enough to borrow the successful format developed at the Transmission conference in Canada. At its core it's about talking to each other in the form of round ...Read More