The traditional record company's main income has for over a hundred years been selling as many copies as possible. The move from this traditional model to a completely new model is now happening, a model in which the music company's main revenue comes from the number of plays on digital services rather than the number of sold copies.  Traditionally the business model have been relatively straightforward, the more copies sold, the more revenue. This model was initally also transferred to the digital reality through services such as iTunes Store, CDON and mobile ...Read More

It's less than a week left until the trial against The Pirate Bay, or the people behind it, starts. It will be a spectacle that will probably run through the whole Swedish judicial system and that will take time. Piratbyrån and The Pirate Bay just launched a trial site called The Spectrial where they will write their views on what's going on and also collect feeds from around the web. It would be great if the prosecutor and the complainants could be this transparent as well. For me the discussion around the topics involved ...Read More

It's the day after. The day after an after party DJ gig and a very inspiring Media Evolution event with Chris Anderson and 13 prominent panelists. "I'm lying in my bed, watching my...." notes "..thinking it could be the two of us". In many respects all of those new ways of thinking and doing digital business is evolving now now now, right in front of us. Making us all contributers to contemporary theorizing. That's exiting. But to me Mr Anderson is the star with smart and beautiful ways of interpreting ...Read More

Taken from the YouTube hit "Charts Music" by Johannes Kreidler. [via PSFK] Read More

I’m on my way to a seminar at Malmö University about “digital economies”. Scholars and practitioners will present their ideas and discuss this very broad topic. I’m looking forward to it. It seems that I always come up with the best ideas the same moment I talk. Here are my notes for my short presentation. Hope to develop the rather ugly equations to more beautiful words here soon. Read More