In an interview with Billboard three EMI executives give their views on the history, today and the future of the record label. The interview is a great read and highly interesting. Especially the part where Doug Merrill, EMI's president of digital, commented on the label's decision to abandon DRM on iTunes and other download stores. Merrill said that the move towards MP3 only has been great for the company and that DRM in his eyes doesn't provide a value to the fan or the label. DRM was setting the wrong tone ...Read More

The streaming music service Spotify have been mentioned here a lot of times. It's now out of Beta and officially launched. I got around 30 invites with my account. They are now all gone. Everyone I have given it too have ranged between "Oh-my-god-I-can't-beleive-how-good-it-is" to "This-is-everything-I-have-been-waiting-for". I will do a more detailed review of Spotify soon. But the general impression I have is that this could be, as Stone roses sing, The One. Of course Spotify will live or die depending on how good their catalouge can be. As of now ...Read More

Last week I went to London for a music conference. It was good but it was as always the meetings outside that made the most impression on me. Two of them involved a discussion about new music genres. One afternoon I had a coffee with Stu Lambert who is a lecture at University of Westminster. We concluded that the process of developing new genres have stagnated. Partly as a joke but somewhat serious we reasoned that we might be too happy nowadays for creating fundamental changes in how music is created. ...Read More

The term "Straight to video" may soon be as passé as the video cassette. Youtube could soon be the preffered choice of distribution for young filmmakers and c-movies starring Jean-claude Van damne if a big distribution cannot be secured. Recently the movie Princess of Nebraska premiered at Youtube. First weekend it scored a view count of 140 000. The plot: "Princess of Nebraska is about a young girl, under 20 and pregnant, who comes to the states with no background for the cultural revolution. She doesn’t know about Tiananmen Square, and really, ...Read More

Harvard director Robert C. Darnton said in a statement to his librarians not to join Google and their book scanning project. Quotes: "As we understand it, the settlement contains too many potential limitations on access to and use of the books by members of the higher-education community and by patrons of public libraries" He continues: "the scope of access to the digitized books is in various ways both limited and uncertain" This is a discussion I look forward to. At Harvard they are concerned of how they can use scanned books by ...Read More