To continue the series of Book-related posts there's now news that Google will open an iTunes-for-books. According to Silicon Alley Insider Google will soon open a U.S only store to sell digital copies of out-of-print copyrighted books. Newer books could be available for sale if publishers allow Google to sell them. Libraries can appearantly access the books for free, while college students will be able to sign up for subscription-based access. Google has previously received a lot of critisism for scanning copyrighted books and making advertising revenue on the indexed content ...Read More

Sometime during the 90s MTV lost it's meaning. When I was a kid I could watch MTV hours after hours just waiting for a new track or my favourite, cursing MTV for all their contests where you had "to be 18 for entering". I am not sure exactly when MTV became totally irrellevant but they dug their grave with steadfast precision, reality show by reality show. And now, lo and behold: MTV is back! If someone would have described it to me; Youtube-format music videos, but with no lip-synch errors, decent resolution ...Read More

This video was produced by the Sony Corp. for its annual Executive meeting held in June, 2008: Did you know? Made by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod. WELL WORTH WATCHING. Thanks to Bob Lefsetz and his unparallelled newsletter for finding this for us. So, the obvious question to our readers: what does all this mean? Any heads up for the Sony executives? Edit: link updated to working Youtube video. Read More

Flipping through the swedish Eco consumer magazine "Camino" I stumble upon an article that catch my eye. It's called Book 2.0. It's about books. It's about the digital threats/possiblities the book business will face. The exact same difficulties that the music and movie business have faced will soon face the book publishing business. Everyone interviewed in the article, publishers and such people, are certain of this. Still, they seem to be very calm about it. Although no solution is in sigh. The Amazon Kindle reading device is mentioned. When it's time to ...Read More

This morning the Swedish streaming music service Spotify was launched. I've been a beta tester for one and half year and has been longing for this day ever since. Spotify is a service that takes a shot on "piracy" and is doing so be using a technical shift (songs stored on a server instead of your harddrive accessed via good filter application) to offer something new. I am glad that music labels have finally embraced this try and think it will work really well. The service contains many of the ...Read More