Last week I moved my office to Södra Förstadsgatan 2. We are calling it SF2:Appendix. Since many of we share an interested in the changes the digital era is bringing about we figure it should be a good idea to do 16 Bambuser live casts starting today. Today me, Kalle and Peter discussed how different established artists (Metallica vs. Timbuktu) are embracing the internet as a marketing tool. Enjoy! (unfortunately we talk Swedish) Read More

The current hype regarding online video is around streaming and streaming services. Hulu was amongst the first to offer a broad range of content in good quality when it came earlier this year and now claim to serve millions of streams every day. Numbers are starting to come in and so far it looks like they attract a lot of consumers though studios say they have difficulties to monetize the free viewings. So exactly how well do free perform versus transactional viewings? I recently got some numbers from one company who trials both ...Read More

Yesterday Timbuktu, one of Sweden's most popular artists, released the first single from his forthcoming sixth album in collaboration with The Pirate Bay. The torrent holds the song in mp3 and FLAC and a video in HD and Xvid. Timbuktu runs his own label, Juju Records, and has obviously understood the importance of attention and good will. The trend where established artists is using unconventional marketing tools on the internet continues. Read More

Since the start of online video services there's been a fear that online services will cannibalize packaged media (DVD and Blu-ray). This fear is one of the reasons studios have been restrictive with licensing content and also why some still have a release window between DVD, downloads and video on demand (VOD). Not licensing content is part of the plan "not making the same mistakes as the music industry". I like to bust myths. This day it's time to kill the online-video-will-cannibalize-the-DVD-myth. It's true that the music industry made mistakes and was ...Read More

During 8 years I lived in Hultsfred, closely engaged in the different parts of the Hultsfred festival. Since 2005 I have been doing my PhD research on how the music industry is changing as a result of new copying and distribution technologies, and I am doing my research from a socio-technological point of view with computer science being the subject field. The goal is to defend my thesis and get my degree in 2009. During these years, both in Hultsfred and now in Stockholm, I have interviewed and discussed issues around digital ...Read More