How many times haven’t you spent way to many minutes just trying to find interested facts in the article you read last night? Stop doing that. offers magazines from all over the world in a good looking web application – and the publications and articles are searchable!

This rises an ever important question in the digital era. Why doesn’t content owners develop a business model (read: attention model) for the internet before someone does it for them? No, might not be totally legal but it’s a super great service and it’s a shame that the magazines themselves haven’t done this in a large scale many years ago.

The Australian online magazine Pages has done this in a really cool way for years. Of course they also take advantage of the digital situation and use moving images and music to further express articles and adverts.

Scanning recently printed work doesn’t correspond with my notion of the era we’re living in. Come on, everything released today whether it’s music, film or magazines is produced on a computer. It’s super easy to make it digitally available. Content owner: This isn’t a threat to your business, it’s a development in your business model – a new chapter, new money!

And by the way, me and Mattias Lövkvist have been thinking of buying the largest record collection in the world (it’s for sale!), digitalize everything and monetize it in modern sophisticated way that takes both the treasure and user in notion. No, the UN should do it, it’s a world heritage!? Or even better, IFPI should do it. Instead of throwing money in the trash bin (read: pay lawyers to hunt their fans) they do something productive with them, something that will increase your assigners business in future! They obviously have a lot of money.