Sooooo, I finally did it. Some four weeks ago, came the end of an era. I switched to Mac after 13 years of obsessive PC use. I know this is not a big thing to you, the reader, but for me it was huge. Anyways, some weeks into Mac use it feels 100% great. I think the DC client Shakespear is not too bad, there were loads of free software to replace all the earlier PC stuff. Everything is just peachy in the rosegarden with me and my Mac. There is just two little things that bug me, they are there like a splinter in my eye and I cant shake the feeling it must mean something, although it proably don’t. It’s just that the program used by IFPI and another program by Gracenote to assess information about songs that eventually pop up in your iTunes, Zune(seriously, who use them?) and computers when you pop in a CD and rip the songs is NOT AVAILABLE FOR MAC. It took me four weeks to be the kind of Mac user that gets upset by this. I think it’s incredibly ironic though that Gracenote, that must have built it’s entire company on the sucess of iTunes does not have a Mac-compatible program for content providers.

Since Gracenote has some kind of monopoly on providing information about a record labels releases, that means that all record labels in the world must have a PC to get the information on iTunes etc right. This is wrong and I will mumble bad words in a silent protest and then carry on, you can all join me in my mumbling. Go ahead.

Mumble, mumble.