My first entry on Digital Renaissance will unfortunately be a post that resembles a rant – but comes with a FREE suggestion of how to make the digital world a better place. Warner Brothers just relaunched it's television website with ad-supported streaming of popular tv shows. While the service has some new interesting features and a nice rollout of shows (Friends, The OC, Veronica Mars, Smallville etc.) it shows a digital territorial gap between the US and the rest of the world. See below. This is what it looks like if ...Read More

Why doesn't businesses learn from other businesses? The music industry could have looked at newspapers, the movie industry should look at what is happening to music (DRM, hello!?), of course magazine owners and book publishers have lots to learn from the previous once as well. The printed word is not "safe" from digitalization. Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized and it's pretty obvious who's up next. Book publishers – it's time to act. You have an amazing digital future ahead of you. Monetize it before some smart guy in ...Read More

How many times haven't you spent way to many minutes just trying to find interested facts in the article you read last night? Stop doing that. offers magazines from all over the world in a good looking web application – and the publications and articles are searchable! This rises an ever important question in the digital era. Why doesn't content owners develop a business model (read: attention model) for the internet before someone does it for them? No, might not be totally legal but it's a super great service ...Read More

The Swedish newspaper Dagens nyheter published an interested interview with Alex James recently. The bass player in Blur nowadays  lives in a country house and is producing cheese. I didn't know, but it's a very amusing development. From standing in front of a bass amplifier to having 1800 roaring sheeps in the backyard. When reading the article I suddenly felt much more interested in moving to the countryside and I knew it was something special with the tasty bits of Gruyere I had yesterday. "People in my age, that used to buy Blur records, aren't interested ...Read More

Financial Times, The Guardian and Sydsvenskan are reporting that a study by MCPS-PRS Alliance, a British collecting society, and Big Champagne, an online media measurement company, shows that more people downloaded the Radiohead In Rainbows album in illegal ways than on the bands own website. This despite that the album originally was free to download on the latter. Illegal exceeded legal – in spite of free. There is two main reasons for this. An awful lot more people are hanging around at The Pirate Bay than on artist sites. Not strange ...Read More