When the times are changing, a new approach is necessary. Here’s our 10 best tips of how to reach success in the music industry in the future.

1. Forget about the past. We know, it’s hard to accept, but the new music industry has nothing to do with the old record industry. Nothing is the same, everything will be different. The fans, the distribution, the promotion, the companies, the products, the retailers, the business models… et cetera.

2. Be positive and open minded. There’s no need to be blue about the future - the future is bright and have a place for you, if you play your cards right. Tomorrow a new day will rise, a new order will take over. And it’s a lot better than what we have right now. Smile when you talking about the future, it’s great!

3. Act like you know nothing at all. Don’t act like you know everything, you don’t. If you think you do know everything - the chances are big you’ll just look like a fool in the near future. Be humble instead, no one knows exactly what will happen. Carte Blanche. The next big thing is built entirely upon new ideas.

4. Feedback is everything. Listen to what people say about your ideas. Are they right? Why not? Be clear and challenge your ideas with everyone. Listen, listen, listen. Feedback is everything.

5. Talk to your kids. The kids never bought a CD, never bought an MP3 – and the will probably never do that in the future. Digital natives will never pay for music as it’s served to them now. They will pay loads of money on music related services and products, but never for the sake of owning their own music on a disc. How do they want to consume music then? Ask them!

6. Play around in the digital world. Try every new service or website you hear about. Every product and every network. You must know what people are talking about, and you must find the strengths and the weaknesses for every single one of them. What are the features? What features are you missing? What is great? Go out and play!

7. Get new friends. Yes we know your old friends are nice and laughs at your jokes and makes you feel comfortable when you’re hanging out together. But you need to talk to get new people. You need new people in your sphere. IT-specialists/programmers, web designers and interaction designers, artists, people who know the science of mind and behavior, lots of kids and consumers in all areas. Together they will fulfill your ideas and make your new thoughts and products even better.

8. Don’t act by your self, engage with other services. There’s lot’s of good people doing good stuff. Maybe you could use some one else’s product to built upon. Engage and proceed together.

9. Try try try. If you fail, retry (it’s cheap). Destroy and rebuild. Destroy and rebuild. Destroy and rebuild. Suddenly you might have it right. You must be a risk-taker.

10. Read our blog. Stay updated with new ideas. www.digitalrenaissance.se