I keep saying to people I meet that now is the perfect time to try. It’s like a middle school disco. Everybody is standing along the walls. No one dares to dance. The kid that does will be considered the coolest of that age group. It will take a whole lot of courage, but there is little to loose. He or she that tries might not be the best at dancing but will sure take the lead if at least a little good at feeling the beat and will probably be a great source of inspiration for the best skilled and most talented ones. If the kid totally fails to accomplish change by the way he/she is dancing we will at least know which way will not work. In a time of huge structural change failure is a great accomplishment.

This is what inspire me the most. Change is obvious, necessary and a mean of its own. Structural change is powerful and lessons can be learn from other fields. I think that the work we accomplish is of great importance for the next 10 years ahead – not only for us but for the society as a whole.

My good friend Tomas Wennström at “What’s Nextput it together in a wonderful phrase - “Act. Fail (it’s cheap). Retry”. He’s into new media where, of course, the same problems and possibilities exist. If you are in old media, hire Tomas and look forward to a successful future on the web.

Music and media are the first ones to fully face the problems and possibilities of the internet due to early and simple digitalization. Then comes the rest. Literature for obvious reasons, followed by other more heavy industries that will have to change from mass production to tailor made unique products when 3D printing etc is further developed. As a business leader you will more than ever have to be easy on your feet and ready to change your models a long with reality. Changes that took 10 years 30 years ago is now down to 1 year, month, or in some cases a day.