Two players in the music business have been apparently silent in the "crisis debate". Musicians and publishers. A lawyer suggested it was because they're afraid to get in trouble with record label bosses and fans. I don't agree with that description. I'm sure that they are keeping their mouths shout because they know what they have and how valuable it is. The musicians are the source and the publishers sits right next to it. The source of everything the music business does is the tunes, melodies and words – the ...Read More

When the times are changing, a new approach is necessary. Here's our 10 best tips of how to reach success in the music industry in the future. 1. Forget about the past. We know, it's hard to accept, but the new music industry has nothing to do with the old record industry. Nothing is the same, everything will be different. The fans, the distribution, the promotion, the companies, the products, the retailers, the business models... et cetera. 2. Be positive and open minded. There's no need to be blue about the ...Read More

When we started this blog and sat down to discuss what we should do and how we should do it we, of course, soon began to talk about arranging seminars. The question was: What do we need to know to give the business advice on what to do in a digital distribution era? To answer the question we came up with the idea to begin with two seminars – one where we invite internet smart brains to dream about a future music service and, more importantly, argue for why the ...Read More

One of the main objectives and broader goals of Digital Renaissance is to create a platform through which a dialogue on important issues can be conducted; a place to create new ideas and to share wisdoms (both old and new) that will help move the music industry forward. It is clear to us that we in the music business can't sort out the "crisis" we are in and explore the possibilities in front of our feet without considering the ideas of knowledgeable people in other fields. We need to talk ...Read More

I keep saying to people I meet that now is the perfect time to try. It's like a middle school disco. Everybody is standing along the walls. No one dares to dance. The kid that does will be considered the coolest of that age group. It will take a whole lot of courage, but there is little to loose. He or she that tries might not be the best at dancing but will sure take the lead if at least a little good at feeling the beat and will probably ...Read More