On thursday the 4th of April the Swedish Parliament held a hearing on “Copyright on the internet”. Three of the Digital Renaissance contributors were there to tell our views and give our perspective on the issue. There’s a proposal in the making from the Swedish government that copyright holders should be able to get information from ISPs about who’s behind an IP address that the parliament should decide on later this year. To learn more about the current situation in this field the parliament invited different business organizations, lawyers, customer organizations etc. to brief the members of the culture and industry committees. Martin Thörnkvist and Mattias Lövkvist represented The Swedish Model and Daniel Johansson was a part of the KTH delegation.

The Swedish Model was invited as a part of the music industry to give a 5 minutes speech and then we together answered questions from the members of parliament. The speech was in Swedish so here are some brief notes on what we said:

  • - We are positive — the future of the music business looks great
  • - We are at the end of a paradigm shift — the business, not the laws, has to change
  • - When the reality change we have to adjust along with it
  • - It’s obvious that todays model is outdated (it cost’s to $18 000 fill a 60 GB iPod with music)
  • - When we change are models and adjust pricing etc the copyright will be efficient again
  • - The mp3 format and downloads in p2p network is not the end of the technical development — there will be opportunities for the music business to catch the train and be a part of, and monetize on, digital music transactions and streams again (we are making this point in recent interviews in DN and Svd as well)
  • - There will not be one substitute for the CD – the future holds a broad scale of models
  • - We believe in music and we believe that creative musicians and entrepreneurs will make the future of music accessible and profitable with respect for the copyright

We are pleased with our appearances and hope that the members of parliament got something to think about. Positiveness is the most important objectives we have, to show that there are forces within the business that understand the present and the future.