The most profound and spicy ingredient that is separating the current era of cooking music from the past is the power of immediate publishing. The power of completing a song, novel, blog post and by the next second be able to shout it out to the world. The satisfaction you get from completing an idea and get immediate response on it is unbeatable as fuel for further ideas. This direct super fast link between artists and its audience is a available to everybody and it's free – this is a ...Read More

The streaming music service startup Sonific will be temporarily down by May 1. Gerd Leonard, who is a prominent music and media futurist and CEO of the company, writes: "The bottom line is that this industry is certifiably dysfunctional and that we do not see a plausible path to take at this time. We neither want to engage in so-called copyright infringement nor do we have millions of dollars available to buy our way in when it is abundantly clear that doing business under the existing rules of the major labels ...Read More

Lately I've been approuched by some artists wanting me to give input on what they should do with their music. The musicians are in all cases very good and they've made my mind spin in inspiration. Wow this is what I want to do. It's like releasing music – but the adrenalin rush comes faster. As a music fan that can't play myself this is an extraordinary way to canalize an interest. If I can be at any little help and be able to inspire any new small ideas that's ...Read More

Before the weekend I wrote in my post "The new serious" that as a label you have to release CDs to get reviews in magazines and papers. And that the solution to decrease the status of the plastic discs lies in developing the way we compare statistics and in new improved online music services. But, when having some extraordinary cocktails at K bar in Copenhagen with my journalist girlfriend, it struck me that there is also room for improvement from those who writes about music – the music journalist and ...Read More

Additional perspective on Daniel Johanssons "The need for new knowledge": As a label owner that doesn't see the CD as a mean of its own, and sooner rather then later want to stop producing them, a development of the measuring service that Daniel writes about might be the missing bridge to a new era. For a disillusioned music executive it will for sure be an important tool to understand their audience, but the really important development lies on a broader scale. Today the only way in which you can be taken as ...Read More