Today the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan published a survey where they’ve asked 100 musicians what their attitude to file sharing is. The article is pointing out how absent musicians are in the arousing debate. It’s a good point. And I think it’s a part of the problem - or at least a part of the solution. It’s obvious that the present and the future, more than the past, is focused around music and musicians.

The Sydvenskan poll showed that 38% want to legalize all file sharing and, on the contrary, that 59% have been file sharing themselves.

Musicians have lots of well needed goodwill to contribute with to the music business. And by being a part of the debate they can also put more pressure on the business to develop new models. I would love to see more initiatives from artists and is looking forward to the launch of Playable, a cooperation between Lamont and The Pirate bay.