I’ve always thought of music in a very idealistic and non economic way. Music is, as we all know, a very pure form of art made of “simple” vibrations — very natural and profound. And it affects us perfectly well without the involvement of money. I also thought for a long while that indie labels with minimal budget but lots of love equals good music and major labels with lots of money but lack of love equals bad music.

But at some point I realized that music is a huge industry for a reason. I realized that most of the songs I listen to have been “found”, supported and spread by major labels and that they are making money on music because they are good at what they are doing (or rather — was doing). Thus, it’s important to get the big ones on the train and to embrace the new technical improvements. Without the best songs you can’t create the best music service.

There is one very important role for existing indie labels to play though. Like Sweden in the climate change debate we have to take the lead. We can’t change the world alone. But we can work exemplary and show the big guys that what we do works and is sustainable, efficient, smart, cheap, content-centric etc etc!

Maybe it’s time to give the major labels some praise instead of picking on them all time. Let’s try to use the carrot instead of the stick. Hopefully that’ll give them the confidence, they so clearly are lacking, to take the right decisions in the digital era we’re living in.

We lead you follow? Classic wise words from dance teachers.