Today the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan published a survey where they've asked 100 musicians what their attitude to file sharing is. The article is pointing out how absent musicians are in the arousing debate. It's a good point. And I think it's a part of the problem - or at least a part of the solution. It's obvious that the present and the future, more than the past, is focused around music and musicians. The Sydvenskan poll showed that 38% want to legalize all file sharing and, on the contrary, that 59% ...Read More

I copied around 250 albums from a friend of mine some weeks ago. I just hooked up his USB-harddrive and copied the data to my laptop. During the latest months I have been thinking a lot about how increased storage capacity will change the landscape for private copying in the coming years. Everyone knows about Moores Law, but have you heard of Kryders Law? Scientific American interviewed Mark Kryder in 2005, an important person in the development of harddrive technology. He said: "Who would have predicted the success of hand-held digital ...Read More

Recently urges for a surcharge on broadband subscriptions have been popping up here and there. It's collecting societies of small northern states and it's consultants to the major record labels. At the same time state authorities in legislating positions are more and more handing over the music business problems to the ISPs. They all have their own reasons. The first two are the most obvious to hang out with the new kid; they (1) say that it doesn't matter how the musicians are getting paid as long as it's from ...Read More

Financial Times is reporting that Apple want to do deals with record labels to sell "all you can eat" subscriptions with their iPods. That's similar to the deal that Nokia did with Universal last year. One deal and at least one desire to a deal – smells like a trend to me. "Detailed market research has shown strong appetite among consumers for deals bundling music in with the cost of the device, or in exchange for a monthly subscription, executives said." No shit! The first thing you want to do with ...Read More

I’ve always thought of music in a very idealistic and non economic way. Music is, as we all know, a very pure form of art made of “simple” vibrations — very natural and profound. And it affects us perfectly well without the involvement of money. I also thought for a long while that indie labels with minimal budget but lots of love equals good music and major labels with lots of money but lack of love equals bad music. But at some point I realized that music is a huge industry ...Read More